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Our Mission

Ms. Ana Paola Diniz, created the ARD Foundation in honor of her parents, hoping to help the millions of cancer patients all over the world. We believe that through the use of genomics and immunotherapy research we can not only promote early cancer detection and diagnoses but also find better and more effective treatments. By funding different research projects, we hope to better equip medical professionals with the tools they need to eventually find a cure

Our Vision

The ARD Foundation’s President, Ms. Ana Paola Diniz, created the foundation having in mind the millions of patients that suffer from cancer all over the world. Preventing and treating cancer still poses a major challenge and affects not only patients but also friends and family.

How Can You Help?

Ms. Ana Paola Diniz believes that together we can help researchers achieve this common goal:

Who have we helped?

The ARD Foundation is proud of having helped the following associations:

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