Jewelry Design

The ARD Foundation set up an online auction selling two donated pieces – a pink diamond ring and a bracelet, both 14 carats – belonging to model and jewelry designer Bruna Tenório.

Partnership with Café Santa Mônica

Café Santa Mônica gave out part of their sales revenue to projects supported by the ARD Foundation.

Horst Ulrich Gutbrod

German neuromuscular therapist Horst Ulrich Gutbrod teamed up with the ARD Foundation to donate 100 therapy sessions to women who suffered from breast cancer. Gutbrod is known throughout Europe for having developed a technique that returns breast sensibility to breast cancer survivors. You can follow Gutbrod on his Instagram account (@uligutbrod) to learn more about […]

StepUpToHealth Program

Nutriotinist and ARD Ambassador Sylvia Pozzobon teamed up with the Foundation to create the StepUptoHealth Program. Together, we created a lecture that was presented at the Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa on October 24, 2018. The lecture focused on the importance of healthy eating in order to prevent cancer.

Caring Canines Animal Facilitated Therapy Program Animal Facilitated Therapy

The ARD Foundation strongly believes in the power of unconditional love and affection, and no being is more capable of providing such comforts than man’s best friend. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has developed the Caring Canines Animal Facilitated Therapy Program Animal Facilitated Therapy (AFT), which uses trained therapy dogs to enhance the healing environment […]

Outpatient Rehabilitation Research Donation

MD Anderson’s Doctor LG has been tracking and researching the benefits of physical exercise in outpatient rehabilitation treatment. Due to increasing evidence linking a higher life quality and expectation to physical exercise, Doctor LG provided cancer rehabilitation patients with wearable fitness trackers so they can monitor their physical activity in hopes of improving cancer survivorship […]

Day L

For the past four years, esteemed celebrity hairdresser Uesllen Francisco worked to develop the social project called Day L. During it, he not only teaches female cancer patients how to do professional-quality makeup, but also demonstrates the numerous different ways they can style a kerchief. This project hopes to raise morale, reestablish female self-esteem, and […]

RetnoCAM Donation

The ARD Foundation helped buy the latest model of a RetnoCAM machine for the Santa Casa Misericordia Hospital in Brazil. This equipment allows doctors to capture and document images of retinoblastoma – a deadly type of cancer that occurs in the eyes, usually with children under six years of age – so they can monitor […]

Pediatrict Brain Tumor Research Donation

Doctor Karina Eterovic – a doctor at the prestige MD Anderson – is working hard by collecting samples for her study on brain tumor. She hopes her research will help establish a test that can identify blood mutations in order to decide the best treatment for specific patients. However, due to the location of some […]

CAR-T Cells Research Donation

The ARD Foundation is proud to help fund Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s CAR-T Cells Research. Doctor Renier Brentjesn – one of our board members – works at MSK’s Therapeutics Center as one of their leading physician-scientists pioneering a new therapy for people with cancer. This incredible treatment genetically modifies the patient’s own immune cells […]