Alcides e Rousaura Diniz Foundation supports radiation therapy efforts in the Ethiopia region

Part of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s mission is to eliminate cancer in the world using the pillar of education. The Global Academic Program, or GAP, employs a network of sister institutions and partnered cancer centers throughout the world for a collaborative approach at preventing, treating and researching the disease using established education-based relationships.

An Africa Initiative was launched within GAP in 2012 with the purpose of exploring opportunities for collaborations in Africa for advancing our understanding of cancer and improving cancer care in the region. A multi-disciplinary “Africa Committee” of faculty champions provides guidance and plans activities focused on training and education of African healthcare professionals in Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. The National Breast Cancer Foundation is one supporter of the Africa Initiative, and now, the MD Anderson Cancer Center is proud to have garnered support from the Alcides e Rousaura Diniz Foundation for radiation therapy efforts in the Ethiopia region.

Through a partnership with the Mekelle University College of Health Sciences in Mek’ele, Tigray-Ethiopia, the Global Radiation Therapist Education Program will make strides in meeting the need for educating radiation therapists for the delivery of safe and effective treatments in radiation oncology centers at the Black Lion Hospital and Ayder Hospital. Through this program, MD Anderson instructors will conduct a comprehensive training course to provide the education experience and skills needed to groom professional radiation therapists who can develop and maintain an academic program in radiation therapy at designated universities within their country.

The Global Radiation Therapists Education Program has been funded in part by the Alcides e Rosaura Diniz Foundation, an avid supporter of MD Anderson’s research efforts. Their contribution was matched by the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, which will contribute to the project by providing transport and accommodations for the international training program. Other contributors to this effort are Dr. Anuja Jhingran, M.D., FACR, professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Dr. Laurence E. Court, Ph.D., associate professor of Radiation Physics – Patient Care.