An exclusive interview with Robert Williams, creator of Lindos Magnesium Water

We chatted with Robert Williams, creator of Lindos Magnesium Water, the ARD Foundation’s newest partner. Check out!

1 – Robert, can tell us a little more about Lindos’ partnership with the ARD Foundation? How did this idea come about?

After meeting Ana Gizzi, hearing and researching all of the wonderful work ARD has been doing, I just felt inspired to be a part of such a great cause.

2 – How did you discover the positive effects of magnesium water on human health?

It all started after visiting the mountains in Italy where the magnesium is nurtured. After tasting it directly from the earth, I knew then this was something amazing. After researching the benefits and hearing personnel testimonials from people that have been positively impacted from this powerful mineral, I knew this organic magnesium had to be introduced to the United States.

3 – How did the experience with your mother, who died of cancer in 2009, change your perception of people’s well-being?

As you know, I’m a post 9/11? U.S. Marine. Members of the Marines and our veteran families have all, at some point, lost someone close to us. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, losing your mother has a very different emotional effect you. We didn’t know our mother had cancer until the last 3 weeks of her life. That was a very helpless feeling, knowing that there’s nothing you can do to stop the inevitable. Now that I know the benefits of natural magnesium, I know that through my actions more people can finally have access to a natural alternative to supplemental magnesium. This inspired me to do everything I could to emphasize the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle which can help prevent chronic diseases and long term illnesses. The fact that it all starts with having the required amount of natural magnesium is what motivated me to help others.

4 – Can you tell us a little more about the advantages of Lindos Magnesium Water?

The number one advantage of Lindos Magnesium is that it comes directly from the earth, not from a chemical factory. It is not a pill, it is not a rub, an injection, or a powder.

5 – How many bottles of Lindos Magnesium do you consume per day?

Lindos Magnesium has 220mg in one bottle; according to RDA the recommended daily dosage for adults is between 310-420mg, depending on age and gender.

6 – What are the next steps that Lindos Magnesium and ARD have discussed to consolidate this partnership in practice?

The next steps would be to continue to educate and support as many people as possible towards living an overall healthy lifestyle, starting with Lindos Natural Magnesium.