New Study Indicates that 29 thousand Cancer Cases Every Year are Caused by Excessive Weight

An epidemiological study done by the School of Medicine of the Universidade de São Paulo, with the collaboration of Harvard University, indicates that at least 15 thousand cancer cases in Brazil could have been prevented with diet and weight loss plans that reduce obesity. This number is expected to grow to 29 thousand by 2025.

Ricardo Nakai, physical educator and marketing director at Akmaos, a company focused on health, nutrition, and wellness, claims that obesity is on the rise. “We need to exercise more. I know that with the chaos of everyday life it is difficult to find time for physical activity, but we have programs for those who have very little free time.”

The program mentioned is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), a highly intense training method done in short bursts. Besides the high amounts of calories burned, this technique provides cardiorespiratory conditioning and can reduce the aging process. It is because of all these benefits that Nakai says: “This exercising period needs to be part of our routine […] It is very easy to add twelve minutes of exercise to our day-to-day life.”


However, it is not enough to simply increase physical activity; it is also crucial to take care of your diet. The nutritionist Lucas Oliveira confirms that people need to have a varied menu and avoid processed food. “We need to align people’s tastes with their diets to minimize feelings of withdrawal,” he explains.

Unsaturated fats are some of the primary factors to look for when it comes to a balanced diet. Dishes containing olive oil, avocados, and oilseeds are just some examples of food items that can help with weight loss. Supplements can also help in this process and are recommended for those who can’t naturally consume all of the necessary nutrients in their daily life.

Processed foods are a problem many face in their diet; besides being high on calories, they can have excess fat, sugar, sodium, and other substances that can be harmful to your health. “These foods are, for sure, on the list to be avoided; especially because they are connected to conditions like cardiac diseases and even cancers,” emphasizes Oliveira.