Program in Ethiopia is financed by the ARD Foundation

Part of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s mission is to eliminate cancer from the world through education. The Global Academic Program (GAP), for example, employs a network of sister institutions and partnered centers throughout the world for a collaborative approach at preventing, treating, and researching the disease. One GAP’s pillars is the Global Radiation Therapists Education Program in Ethiopia, proudly financed, in part, by the ARD Foundation, an avid supporter of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s research efforts.

This program has been making strides in meeting the need for educating radiation therapists for the delivery of safe and effective treatments in radiation oncology centers at the Black Lion Hospital and Ayder Hospital. Besides ARD, the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia actively contributed to the project by providing transport and accommodations for the international training program.

“We, at ARD Foundation, will continue with our mission to help in the fight against cancer by collaborating with dedicated research centers like MD Anderson “, said Ana Gizzi, the CEO of the ARD Foundation.