Running against cancer

The ARD Foundation plans to close Pink October 2020 with a golden key by holding a run in benefit of a Veterans Hospital in Washing DC. The event, done together with ARD partner Lindos Magnesium Water LLC, is scheduled for the 31st of October and will have a 5km route that runs through America’s capital.

“We are expecting about 500 participants. Our objective is to raise funds to help in the fight against cancer and to support those in need,” said Ana Gizzi, the CEO of ARD Foundation.

Registrations are already open and can be done through the website:

All participants will have the option to donate their running shoes to help raise even more funds to aid in the discovery of new cancer treatment therapies.

You also have the opportunity to help sponsor the event. We need your help to cover the costs for the shirts and medals that will be distributed to the participants. The more you help, the more this run can help support the global fight against cancer.

Our IRS 1023 application is pending, which means that donations made to our organization are not yet tax deductible. However, upon the IRS’ acceptance and determination of our tax exemption status, and confirmation as a 501(c)(3) organization, all past and present donations will be tax-exempt (i.e. our tax-exempt status will be retroactive to the date of our application), and a donation acknowledgement letter will be sent to your address for your tax filing pursuant to IRS 170©️.