An exclusive interview with Robert Williams, creator of Lindos Magnesium Water

We chatted with Robert Williams, creator of Lindos Magnesium Water, the ARD Foundation’s newest partner. Check out! 1 – Robert, can tell us a little more about Lindos’ partnership with the ARD Foundation? How did this idea come about? After meeting Ana Gizzi, hearing and researching all of the wonderful work ARD has been doing, […]

How I dealt with permanent hair loss and other side effects

BY CONSTANCE PORTER, PH.D. Source: When I first lost my hair due to breast cancer treatment, I often heard people say, “Don’t worry. It’s only hair.” The implication was that it would grow back — eventually. But after a while, I began to notice that it was always the people with a full head […]

What you need to know about the Doctor’s Projects

The ARD Foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization based in North Carolina that seeks to raise funds for medical research in the areas of oncology and immunotherapy, as well as for the development of new technologies that help with cancer treatments. The Foundation prioritizes projects with an emphasis on genetic sequencing characterized by the […]

ARD Foundation announces its newest partner: Lindos Magnesium Water LLC

As a proven protective agent against nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity induced by chemotherapy treatment, magnesium can play an important role in the battle against cancer. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that the ARD Foundation announces its newest partner: Lindos Magnesium Water LLC, a company dedicated to providing anyone who is serious about staying healthy with […]

Cancer immunotherapy drug ‘less toxic and prolongs life’

Source: BBC News An immunotherapy drug that could save some cancer patients from the ordeal of extreme chemotherapy may also help them live longer, researchers say. In a trial, pembrolizumab kept head and neck cancers at bay for an average of two years – five times longer than under chemotherapy. The patients also suffered far […]

‘Revolutionary’ drug for prostate cancer

The precision medicine is already used by the NHS for ovarian cancer and has been called a game-changer by cancer doctors. A cancer conference heard how, in trials, it slowed tumour growth in men with advanced prostate cancer. This could improve survival for some men, researchers hope. Experts say it could be made available to […]

Ryon Sax, embaixador da ARD, fará visita aos pacientes infantis no Instituto Nacional de Câncer (INCA), no Rio de Janeiro

Embaixador da ARD Foundation, o músico Ryon Sax fará nesta sexta-feira (18/10), às 10h, uma visita aos pacientes infantis na Seção de Oncologia Pediátrica no Instituto Nacional de Câncer (INCA), no Centro do Rio de Janeiro. O evento foi organizado pelo INCAvoluntário, Área de Ações Voluntárias do Instituto. Lá, o multi-instrumentista terá a oportunidade de […]

‘Revolutionary’ new class of cancer drugs approved

Source: BBC News Tumour-agnostic drugs do not care where the cancer is growing in the body as long as it has a specific genetic abnormality inside. UK doctors testing the drugs said they were “a really exciting thing”. They said the approach had the potential to cure more patients and cut side-effects. The drug that […]

YouTube advertises big brands alongside fake cancer cure videos

Source: BBC News Searching YouTube across 10 languages, the BBC found more than 80 videos containing health misinformation – mainly bogus cancer cures. Ten of the videos found had more than a million views. Many were accompanied by adverts. The unproven “cures” often involved consuming specific substances, such as turmeric or baking soda. Juice diets […]

‘Incurable’ leukaemia patients are declared ‘cancer FREE thanks to new treatment’

Source: The Sun Fourteen people with ‘incurable’ acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) were left with no trace of the disease after pioneering therapy at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The treatment – a faster acting version of CAR-T therapy – harnesses the power of the body’s immune system to fight the cancer cells. It works by taking […]