TV Bandeirantes-MG

TV Bandeirantes-MG covered the inauguration event of Retcam at Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Belo Horizonte. The ARD Foundation has helped in acquiring the machine, which is vital for children diagnosed with retinoblastoma – the most common intraocular cancer in childhood – no longer need to be transferred to treatment in São Paulo. Check out the […]

Medicina S/A

The digital magazine Medicina S / A published material about the inauguration of Retcam in the Santa Casa de Misericórdia and mentioned the ARD Foundation, which helped to acquire the machine.

Embarque na Viagem

The website Embarque na Viagem covered all the details about what happened at the gala event hosted by the ARD Foundation in Houston on the 10th of May.

Eu, Atleta –

ARD Foundation Ambassador, nutritionist Sylvia Pozzobon received great media attention at Globosporte’s Eu, Atleta by sharing the story of how she overcame a rare type of cancer and how honored she felt for having been selected to be one of ARD’s partners

Razões para Acreditar

The website Razões para Acreditar covered the partnership between the ARD Foundation and the German neuromuscular therapist Horst Ulrich Gutbrod, who pioneered a treatment technique that returns breast sensibility to breast cancer survivors.

Coluna Ancelmo Gois – Jornal O Globo

A diamond made with the hair of soccer legend Pelé that was featured in the auction held at the ARD Foundation’s gala in Houston received a spotlight at the renowned column by Ancelmo Gois in the Jornal O Globo.

ESPN Brasil e

In May, at the event hosted by the ARD Foundation in Houston, the basketball player Nenê, a cancer survivor, received an award from the Foundation. Nenê is one of the NBA’s Houston Rockets’ players. He recorded a message that was transmitted by the sports channel ESPN Brasil and given a spotlight in the website

Coluna Retratos da Vida – Jornal Extra

The award given to TV host Sabrina Parlatore during the gala event in Houston, on the 10th of May, was given a spotlight in the column Retratos da Vida in the Jornal Extra.

Jornal O Estado de São Paulo

The renowned column by the journalist Sônia Racy, from Journal O Estado de São Paulo, covered the dinner that the ARD Foundation held on the 10th of May in Houston, Texas.