Having worked as a nurse prior to her modeling career, Ribeiro knows very well the challenges patients and medical staff face on a daily basis. Since 2009, she has worked with a numerous of world renowned designers, including Versace, Chanel, Gucci, Shiatzy Chen, Louis Vuitton, and more. She’s also done numerous appearances for the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. As an ambassador, Ribeiro promotes the ARD Foundation through her social media pages.

Lais Ribeiro

A famous Brazilian model and actor, Gianecchine starred in numerous of Brazil’s most famous
telenovelas and films. He graduated with a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of São
Paulo and worked with fashion houses in Paris, London, New York, Berlin, and Milan. Since he
was diagnosed with cancer in August 2011, he’s been working tirelessly to raise awareness for
cancer treatment.

Reynaldo Gianecchini

Actress, model, and singer, Emilia Pedersen has achieved a lot in her 14 years of life. With a Danish father, a Brazilian mother, and living in New York, Pedersen is fluent in four different languages, has appeared in magazines, and starred in a numerous plays.

Emilia Pedersen

A former model and fashion editor, and current television host and singer, Parlatore started her career while working in Japan. In 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after undergoing treatment, she became a dedicated and passionate spokesperson who hopes to raise awareness for early detection. She was the recipient of the ARD Foundation’s Voice of Hope Award, given out during our 2018 Gala in Houston, TX.

Sabrina Parlatore

The achievements of Dutch swimmer Sharon Van Rouwendaal speak for themselves; she is one of today’s most renowned athletes. Olympic champion of the Rio 2016 Games’ 10km open water marathon, the young 25 years old also wishes to make a difference outside of the pool and the sea. She is ARD Foundation’s new ambassador. Therefore, her mission is to promote the Foundation around the world, bringing its message of hope to all who dedicate themselves to new cancer treatment research.

Sharon Van Rouwendaal

Always capable of bringing happiness and good energy wherever he goes by mixing the sound of his saxophone with electronic music, multi-instrumentalist Ryon Sax suffered a blow when his 19 year old nephew lost his battle against cancer. When he was invited to become one of the ARD Foundation’s ambassador, Ryon saw the perfect opportunity to convert pain into hope. Ryon dived head first at the chance to make a difference through ARD. He composed a song, already in the final stages of production, and will donate the rights to the Foundation. He said that, after composing the song, the first thing that came to his mind was happiness, the smile of people who beat their cancer. The song says “Make me smile/Make me dream/Bring me peace”.

Ryon Sax

After 27 years, Rio de Janeiro native João Gabriel de Oliveira e Silva Rocha sports an enviable Jiu-Jitsu career: he is a four time world champion, 20 times Brazilian champion and four times Pan-American champion, among other titles. One of his proudest achievements, however, is having the chance to share his survival story. Having beaten cancer, João Gabriel is now part of the selected team of ambassadors for the ARD Foundation, an organization that dedicates itself to raising funds for discovery of new treatment therapies for a disease that, five years ago, made a big impression on the fighter’s life as a testicular cancer survivor. As of now, João Gabriel lives in the United States. There he is able to stay closer to the big tournaments and avoid distractions. Now he’s received a new mission that is unrelated to the tatami mats: to become a voice for the ARD Foundation in this difficult fight against cancer.

João Gabriel