MD Anderson Announces New Education Programs

The ARD Foundation is a proud supporter of MD Anderson, one of the largest cancer centers in the world. They have been working to eliminate cancer for over seven decades and ranked as one of the top two cancer care hospitals every year since U. S. News & World Report began its annual “America’s Best Hospital” survey in 1990.

In 2017, during ARD’s official launch at a charity event in New York, MD Anderson Cancer Center received a sizable donation which was used to acquire a state-of-the-art gene sequencing machine, operated by the renowned Brazilian physician Karina Eterovic.

Now, MD Anderson announced they’ll be offering several education and training programs in many cancer treatment and research disciplines for students from all over the world. The requirements vary depending on the program and the stage in the student’s career. The link here will take you to the Residency and Fellowship Programs for medical students’ webpage. For non-physician researchers, we encourage applicants to visit this page or to find a faculty member willing to serve as a mentor by exploring the institutional website to find departments/programs in the applicant’s area of interest.

As for clinical trials, you visit the following link:

This webpage allows you to search available clinical trials by cancer type or treatment.

The ARD Foundation is proud to support MD Anderson Cancer Center in this mission to completely eradicate cancer from the world. We believe that their exceptional programs, which integrates patient care, cancer research and prevention is a great step towards that goal. Let’s use the #endcancer hashtag to show our support and embrace this campaign.