Ryon Sax becomes ARD Ambassador

Always capable of bringing happiness and good energy wherever he goes by mixing the sound of his saxophone with electronic music, carioca Ryon Sax suffered a blow when his 19 year old nephew lost his battle against cancer. This led the multi-instrumentalist to grow even more sensitive to issues concerning the disease. When he was invited to become an ARD Foundation’s ambassador, Ryon saw the perfect opportunity to convert pain into hope.

“I was already sensitive to cancer, this malicious and silent disease that affects the entire world, prior to losing my nephew. ARD’s invitation gives me the chance to become another link in this chain of light. I’ll help wherever my hand can reach. And I have faith that the doctors and scientists aided by the Foundation will save many people,” says the musician.

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For ten years Ryon has embraced the challenge of mixing the sound of the saxophone with electronic music. With time, he began playing in stages all over Brazil and the rest of the world. Today, his daily routine in Buzios, a city in the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, is divided between studios – “I create my own presentation” – and shows, both private and open to the public.

“I created a timbre and a different kind of language by drawing on electronic music. And I found myself. I first became interested in music when I was eight years old, through a project assigned by a school teacher. I am very happy with what I do. It is my greatest pleasure to bring good vibes and happiness wherever I go,” he tells us.

ARD Family

Ryon dived head first at the chance to make a difference through ARD. He composed a song, already in the final stages of production, and will donate the rights to the Foundation.

“After composing the song, the first thing that came to mind was happiness, the smile of people who beat their cancer. The song says ‘Make me smile/Make me dream/Bring me peace.’ I’m immensely thankful to ARD for making me part of their family,” he concludes, so happy to be part of ARD’s newests ambassors.